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To make a contribution, please type the appropriate information in the spaces below, print the page using the print function of your browser, and mail the form with your check to the address below.

Army Scholarship Foundation
11700 Preston Road, Suite 660-301
Dallas, TX  75230

I want to help the Army Scholarship Foundation!

  Please find enclosed a check in the amount of $ made out to the Army Scholarship Foundation for a tax-deductible donation.

I (we) would like that amount to be designated for:

  The general operating fund

  A named scholarship for one year (minimum donation: $1,000)
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  A perpetual named scholarship (contact the Foundation for funding requirements)
Name of the scholarship:

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The Army Scholarship Foundation is a charitable organization exempt from federal income taxes under Article 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under current IRS regulations, all contributions and donations made to the Army Scholarship Foundation are fully tax deductible.
The Army Scholarship Foundation respects the privacy of its donors and will not sell, distribute, or otherwise disclose contact information for any reason. Donors may at any time request that disclosure of their names be withheld from regularly published donor honor rolls.