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The Texas SECC organization number for donations is # 286001

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide scholarships for graduate (masters or doctoral) degrees?

No. The Foundation only provides scholarships for undergraduate studies.

Are grandchildren of current or former Army service members eligible for your scholarships?

No, only children of current or former Army service members and spouses of current Army service members are eligible.

What is the amount of a scholarship?

The amount and number of the scholarships the Foundation awards is determined by the amount of donations received and the current endowments. Currently our annual scholarship awards average $1000 per student.

Is that per year for all four years, or is it a one-time award?

Current scholarships are for one year only, but applicants are encouraged to apply for scholarships in subsequent years, for up to four years of awards in total.

Is there a fee to apply for a scholarship?


Is there a minimum SAT score required for a scholarship?

No. The Foundation does not require a minimum score on the SAT, ACT, or other similar test.

Is there a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required for a scholarship?

Yes, the Foundation requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4 point system.

Is there an income limit for applicants?

Yes. As a general rule, the family income cannot exceed the annual pay and allowances of an active duty Sergeant Major, pay grade of E-9, but each family's situation is evaluated individually. Consideration is given for additional eligible children in college.

Whose income should I list on my application if my parents are divorced?

You should list the income of the parent who provides your primary support.

Is there an age limit for scholarship applicants?

Yes. Applicants may not have reached their 24th birthday by the application deadline date in the year they apply. There is no longer a limit on age for spouses of soldiers.

Do I have to be a United States citizen in order to apply for a scholarship?

Yes. Applicants are required to be U.S. citizens.

What is a "Statement of Good Service"?

A Statement of Good Service is an attestation on unit letterhead signed by the unit commander or representative, or by the personnel office. The statement should certify that the service member is currently serving honorably on active duty with that unit.

Do I need to designate the name of the scholarship or scholarships for which I want to apply?

No. The Foundation considers all applicants for all available scholarships.

When is the deadline for submitting applications?

The deadline is April 15th. All completed applications must be postmarked by this date.

If I missed the deadline, can I still apply for a scholarship?

Due to the large number of applications submitted, no applications can be accepted after the deadline. Eligible students are encouraged to submit their applications the next year.

When can I expect to hear about the status of my application?

Due to the increased number of applications, ASF can no longer acknowledge receipt of each application. We contact all students regarding the decision on their application by approximately 120 days after the submission deadline (usually April 15th).

If I am awarded a scholarship, how will I receive the money?

We send the check directly to your college to be credited to your tuition account. Disbursement information will be sent to you upon award. Funds may only be used for tuition and fees, books, lab expenses, or on campus housing.

Where does the funding for Army Scholarship Foundation awards come from?

Scholarships are funded through the generosity of our donors and those who support the goals of the Foundation.

I support the work you are doing and want to help soldiers' families. How can I make a donation to
the Foundation?

You can make a tax deductible donation via check to Army Scholarship Foundation, 11700 Preston Road, Suite 660-301, Dallas, TX 75230. Alternatively, you can make an on-line donation on this site.

I would like to honor the memory of a deceased family member who served in the Army. Can I establish
a scholarship in his or her memory?

Yes. You can establish a perpetual or a one time scholarship in memory of your loved one. In addition, you may direct a donation to a memorial scholarship at any time. Please contact us for specific details.

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