More About the Army Scholarship Foundation

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Foundation is to provide college scholarships to the sons and daughters of those who have served our nation honorably as soldiers in the United States Army and to provide college scholarships to spouses of enlisted soldiers serving on active duty in the United States Army.

The vision of the Foundation is to increase its fundraising and visibility in order to encourage more applicants to apply for scholarships and to be able to provide larger scholarships to an increasing number of deserving applicants. The Foundation sees this effort as a means to reward Army families for the sacrifices our soldiers make every day to serve their nation and as a way to help their spouses and children likewise become leaders in American society.

The Army Scholarship Foundation Leadership

Honorary Advisory Committee

Senator Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
Congressman Tom Davis, Virginia
Congressman Silvestre Reyes, Texas
Congressman John Shimkus, Illinois
General Larry R. Ellis, U.S. Army (Retired), Pompano Beach, Florida
General Johnnie E. Wilson, U.S. Army (Retired), Springfield, Virginia
Lieutenant General Jay Garner, U.S. Army (Retired), Windermere Florida

Officers and Directors

Jeffrey W. Gault — Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Springfield, Virginia

Keirn C. Brown, Jr — Member of the Board
Burke, Virginia

Michael R. Gonzales, — Member of the Board
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Christopher D. Lepp — Founder and Member of the Board
Bel Air, Maryland

Joel Gray — Secretary
Atlanta, GA

Phillip Shearer — Treasurer
Richmond, Virginia

Richard Knight — Legal Counsel
San Antonio, Texas

Mark Armstrong — Finance Director
Plano, Texas

Greg Cleveland — Scholarship Committee Chairman
Albany, New York

History of the Army Scholarship Foundation

In the year 2000, a handful of U.S. Army veterans joined together to develop plans for establishing a foundation to assist the needy sons and daughters of soldiers and Army veterans in achieving their dreams of higher education. It was the vision of these Army veterans that the Foundation would grow and be able to benefit an ever increasing number of deserving children of soldiers.

The Foundation was incorporated in the State of Texas on March 9, 2001 as the Paladin Foundation. The Internal Revenue Service recognized the Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2001, making all donations to the Foundation fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.

In 2006, the IRS awarded permanent tax exempt status to the Foundation, and the Foundation's base of operations was moved from Texas to Springfield, Virginia. The Board of Directors voted to change the name of the Foundation from the Paladin Foundation to the Army Scholarship Foundation. In order to recognize the sacrifices of the spouses of serving enlisted soldiers, the Board opened eligibility for scholarships to such spouses as well.

In 2010 the Foundation moved its main office to Dallas, Texas, while retaining its Springfield, Virginia operational location.

About the Foundation's Crest

ASF Crest

The overall colors of the crest, black, gold, and gray, represent the colors of the Army.

The large star in the center of the crest is representative of the large star at the center of today's U.S. Army crest with its gold outline and black background.

Within the circle of the Foundation's crest at the base of the star is an open book. This indicates that books and education are key to the attainment of knowledge and success in life. The support that our Foundation provides to its scholarship recipients helps to build the basis for their future.

Above the upper points of the star within the circle are a mortarboard and a diploma. These two items represent formal acknowledgement of completion of a student's college education. It is the Foundation's goal to assist deserving students in pursuing their educational dreams of attaining a college degree, wearing a mortarboard with tassel (cap) and gown, and walking across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Below the upper points of the star are a torch and a yellow ribbon. The torch represents the light of learning. The Foundation's scholarships provide help in gaining such learning at a college or university. The yellow ribbon is the ribbon that patriotic Americans display on their lapels, on their cars, and in other prominent places to show their support of our troops, to underscore our appreciation for the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families make in service to our county, and to express hope for our soldiers' safe return from theaters of combat. The Foundation hopes that with its scholarships it can in some small way compensate our soldiers for their sacrifices in serving our country.

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