The Lieutenant Keirn C. Brown Memorial Scholarship

The Lieutenant Keirn C. Brown Memorial Scholarship is awarded in his memory annually in perpetuity to a deserving student.

Lieutenant Keirn C. Brown was born in Newfane, New York and grew up in Niagara County. He graduated from the University of Rochester in 1939 majoring in Economics, and joined the New York National Guard. In 1940 he was called to active duty with his National Guard unit and deployed overseas following training in the United States. He participated in every major European Campaign including the invasion of North Africa, the actions at Anzio, the fight up the Rhone River and into the Colmar Pocket, and, with the 70th Infantry Division, the campaign in the Saarland.

He rose to the rank of Master Sergeant before earning a battlefield commission as a Lieutenant. After the war, he became a member of the Foreign Service and served around the world as a diplomat and senior State Department executive for over 25 years. His final assignment involved leading the Diplomatic Security Service, responsible for worldwide State Department operations as well as training and professional development.

He passed away in 2012; in 2007 he was predeceased by his wife of 65 years, the former Jane Schul. The Browns are survived by two sons, Colonel Keirn C. Brown, Junior (U.S. Army retired) and Colin Brown, as well as six grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

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