Tips for applicants

1. Be sure to read the application instructions and the FAQ on the web site before beginning.


2. Submit a COMPLETE application package. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Most common missing items are the applicant social security number, photo, tax return, and the Student Aid Report/Free Application for Federal Student Aid (this is usually a 5-10 page document).


3. Please be sure to include your college major in the application if at all possible. Some of our scholarships are reserved for specific major fields of study. If no major is indicated, the applicant would not be eligible for these awards, thus reducing chances of selection.


4. The award selection process is very competitive; college level students are encouraged to include high school leadership activities and other information in order to enhance chances of selection.


5. The best essays are typed, double spaced.


6. Try to only use acronyms which are widely known; otherwise write out acronyms.


7. Endeavor to completely fill out the application forms. Incomplete sections can lead to questions by our reviewing committee.


8. Applications must be mailed. See the instructions for mailing address and envelope guidance.


9. Applicants must provide a complete, accurate school mailing address on the application form. If it is not available at the time of applying, it must be provided no later than 1 July. School changed after 1 July cannot be accommodated and scholarship funds of tentative selectees will be redistributed to other applicants.


10.  Our scholarship funds may only be used for tuition, academic and lab related fees and books.  Under no circumstances will funds be provided to students or used for room or board.  Students whose tuition is fully paid by other programs or scholarships should not apply for our scholarships.


11.  Please do not use your school mailing address or email address on your application.  Your personal email address is best for us to use in all communications with applicants.


12. For the phone number on the application page, please use the best number which we may use to most easily contact you. If overseas, please provide a US based 10 digit phone number if at all possible.


13. Complete each field. Do not put additional information in fields.


14. Pay attention to punctuation. Do not write in all caps.


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