In Honor



4th Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery, US Army, 1987-1989, In Honor Of: Service to our Country

Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Woody and Kathryn Alexander, US Military, June 24, 2017, In Honor Of: The Alexander’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Ken Atkinson, World War II veteran, Former POW, and Purple Heart recipient. On the occasion of his 100th Birthday Honored By: Virginia Sorg

Lieutenant Colonel Joel Batalsky, US Army, Retired, Honored By: Jeff and Rose Gault on the occasion of 80th Birthday

Master Sergeant Neal Benson, US Military, Honored By: Julia Heinlein, 2018

Captain Allen Bullard, Honored By: Kate Evans, 2016

Dr. Patti McCoy, In Honor Of: earning her PhD, 2021

Rose and Jeff Gault, Honered by: Jana Schafer, 2023

Colonel Joseph McNamara, US Army retired, Honored By: Joseph Delaney

Milton Dorf, M.D., US Military, Honored By: Julie Nacos, 2019

Staff Sgt. Willis Doyle, US Army, 262 Inf 66 Inf Div • Served in WW II, 1944, Honored By: Connie Doyle Adam

Captain William Joseph Dueker, US Army, USMA ’02, Honored By: Dr. Thomas Dueker, 2019

Carmaleta Whiteley Felton, Dallas, TX as a Civilian Community Volunteer, Honored By: Linda Ivy, 2019

Lieutenant General Jay Garner, In Honor Of: Service to our Country, Honored By: the National Society of Dames, November 2022

Mr. Darrel Herbst, US Army, Served in Vietnam, In Honor Of: Service to our Country, 2017

Colonel (US Army, retired) J.P. Hogan, Honored By: Frisco Councilman John Keating, 2023

Specialist Paul Holmes, Honored By: John Bryant, 2019


Veterans at KCM Dynamic Builds, Honored By: Brant Crandall, 2023

Dr. Milton Leichtling, In Honor Of: Service to our Country, 2019

Major General Vernon B. Lewis, US Army, Retired, US Army, Honored By: Melissa Lewis, 2019

Judy Martin, Honored By: Lisa Cain in Celebration of Judy’s 70th Birthday, 2017


Judy Martin, Honored By: Kimberly Martin at Christmas, 2023

Jack Murdock, Honored By: Rose & Jeff Gault in Celebration of Jack’s 95th Birthday, 2023

Sergeant Antonio Muro, US Army, Honored By: Victor Picena, 2018

CAPT (USN, Ret) Phil and Trish Resh, US Military, July 2, 2017, In Honor Of: The Resh’s Wedding in Dallas, TX

Alice Richie, In Honor Of: Service to our Country, 2015

Steve Sosland, US Army Veteran, 2017, Honored By: Linda Davis

Willow, Honored by: Todd Maley, 2023

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