In Memoriam

In Memoriam



Sergeant Venson Lee Abercrombie, US Army Air Corps in World War II, 2012

Colonel Anthony J. Adessa, US Army in Vietnam, 2020

Mrs. Virginia M. Alden, Air Force Mother, 2020

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson, Vietnam, 2016

Rodney Lee Anderson, Korean War, 2021

Major Eugene W. Arnett, Wisconsin National Guard, 2017

Earlene Costner Arnold, US Army Spouse, 2014

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel A. Augustine, Operation Desert Storm, 2018

Daniel P. Baca, US Army Son, 2015

Major Jesse M. Baltazar, USAF (Ret), US Army, WW II (Bataan Death March), Korean War, Vietnam, 2016

Norma Barbee, US Army Spouse, 2015

Brigadier General Bruce H. Barlow, US Army, 2019 by Steven Sosland

Bettie Maria Barrow, US Army Spouse, 2018

Lieutenant George C. Bass, US Army, 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry, Division, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Richard Barton, US Air Force, 2017

Colonel (Doctor) Ken Block, 2012

Edward Blythe, US Navy, Worl War II

Colonel Robert E. Boulter, World War II, 1987

Lieutenant Colonel Claude J. Brown, 2008

Captain Frank E. (Bud) Brown, US Army Air Forces in World War II and the Korean War, 2008

Jane Schuhl Brown. US Army Spouse, Mother, Grandmother; Foreign Service Spouse, 2007

Lieutenant Keirn C. Brown, World War II, 2012

Virginia Maxwell Brown, World War II Red Cross Volunteer in the China-India-Burma Theater; Army Special Services, Daughter, Wife, and Mother, 2020

Private Thomas Watson Brown, World War II, 1918

Jerry Cook Brown (Mrs. Arthur E. Brown Jr.), US Army Spouse, 2018

Colonel James M. Brown Jr., US Army, 2017

Jerry Cook Brown (Mrs. Arthur E. Brown Jr.), US Army Spouse, 2015

William P. Buckelew, US Army Air Corps, World War II, 2017

Lieutenant Colonel Jerry L. Buckley, Vietnam, 2015

William E. Butterworth III, US Army, Korean War, 2019

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Capps, US Army, Vietnam, 2019

Mary Ann Cavin, Army Spouse, 2021

Sergeant David Cendejas, Sr., US Army, World War II, 2011

Lieutenant General Paul G. Cerjan, Vietnam, 2011

Captain John J. “Jed” Clark, Deceased 2021

Captain Richard G. Cliff, 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces, Afghanistan, 2008 KIA

Lieutenant Colonel William R. Closs, Vietnam, 2010

Carol Coleman, US Army Civilian, 2018

William C. (Bill) Coleman, Jr., World War II, participated in Normandy invasion, 2013

Major Cliff M. Collins, US Air Force, Korea and Vietnam, 1996

General Robert W. Cone, US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2016

Michael J. Conway, Army Father, 2022

Major Joseph Salvatore Costantino, World War II, 2007

Lieutenant General John (Jack) Costello, Vietnam, 2010

Colonel Robert D. (Bob) Costello, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2015

Lydia Cosumano, US Army Spouse, 2011

Lieutenant Alan R. Cotariu, US Navy, 1980

Julia Gardner Coulman, USMC Spouse & Mother, 2020

Chief Warrant Officer Four Jim Crouch, World War II and Korea, 2018

Brigadier General Leslie L. Custer, Vietnam, 2014

Jacqueline Pate De Fatta, US Army Wife & Mother, 2015

Nancy Lee Delisanti, US Army Daughter & Spouse, 2018

Matthew T. Delisanti, US Army Son, 2018

Lieutenant Thomas A. Dellwo, US Army in 19th Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Wounded in Vietnam, 1971

Elizabeth Ann Dennis

Dottie DiGennaro, US Army Spouse, 2013

Colonel Michael A. DiGennaro, 2023

Brigadier General Ivey Oscar Drewry Jr., World War II, 2013

Major General Travis Dryer, Vietnam, 2022

Lieutenant Colonel James P. Durbin, Vietnam, 2013

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Stephen R. Dwyer, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Deceased 2013

Lieutenant Robert Edlin, 2nd Ranger Battalion, World War II, Deceased 2005

Martha “Marty” Healey Eisenlohr, Army Grandmother, Deceased 2022

Colonel Jack Fanning, Vietnam, 2011

Colonel Henry Ransaville “Rance” Farrell, Vietnam, 2014

Brigitte Fischetti, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2008

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Fischetti, 2017

Sergeant Dillon Charles Fisher, US Army in Iraq, 2019

Joanne Flynn, US Army Spouse &  Mother, 2010

Chief Warrant Officer Raymond C. Flynn, 2022

Colonel Jess Franklin Gamble, World War II, European Theater, 1982

Eleanor Winifred Gamble (Mrs. Jess F. Gamble), US Army Civilian & Spouse, 2009

Gerome “Jerry” Garman, USAF 1968-1972, 2013

Beth Garrett, US Army Spouse, 2020

Phyllis Brown Gault, US Army Daughter & Mother, 2017

Chaplain (Colonel) Wesley V. Geary, US Army in Vietnam, 2016

Command Sergeant Major Ray Godfrin, Vietnam, 2016

Lilyan Goldberg, US Army Mother, 2017

Chief Warrant Officer Four Jose E. Gonzales, World War II, 2010

Lieutenant Colonel James A. Green, Korea and Vietnam, 2011

Marian Green, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2010

Carol Green, US Air Force Spouse, Widow of Col (Ret) Jess Green (USAF), 2017

General Ronald Griffith, US Army Vietnam, 2018

Private First Class Clyde D. Grim Jr., US Army, World War II, Third Army, 2014

Sergeant Cecil D. Gunby, US Air Force Vietnam, 2014

Captain Jerome R. Hackett, US Army, Military Assistance Command, 1993 KIA Vietnam

Lieutenant General Robert D. Hammond, Vietnam, 2014

First Sergeant Richard J. Hammond, World War II and Korea, 2017

Colonel Howard I Harmatz, 2016

Command Sergeant Major George W. Harper, US Army Korean War, Vietnam, 2018

Colonel William Thomas Harris, World War II and Korean War, 2012

Bonnie Hart, US Army Spouse, 2016

PFC Errold Hastey, World War II, 350th Infantry, 1944 KIA in Italy

Eoline T (Sugar) Hayden, US Army Daughter & Spouse, 2016

Kristen Yvonne Haynes, US Army Daughter & Spouse, 2011

Command Sergeant Major Bobby L. Henderson, 2015

Lieutenant Guy W. Hester, Jr, US Army 3d Battalion, 21st Infantry, Americal Division, 1970 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel Ralph L. Hodge (USAF, Ret), US Army and US Air Force, Korean War, Vietnam, 2015

Carol Sue Huddleston Holden, Army Spouse, 2023

Chief Master Sergeant Ralph Moyer Hoke, US Air Force, US Army Air Forces, World War II, 2007

Specialist Paul Holmes, US Army

Sergeant James J. Holtom, Idaho, 321st Engineer Battalion, 2009 KIA

Colonel Joe House, US Army, Vietnam, 2017

Major General Victor J. Hugo, Jr., US Army, Vietnam, 2020

Colonel Michael Hutchison, US Army, Desert Storm, 2019

Captain Glen S. Ivey, US Army, Military Assistance Command, 1972 KIA in Vietnam

Captain William D. (Billy) Jackson, US Army, Vietnam, 2019

Sergeant Harlan C. Jeffery, USMC, World War II, Iwo Jima landing, 2013

Brigadier General J. Morgan Jellett, US Army, Vietnam, 2020

Brigadier General John G. Jones, 2014

William (Bill) Jones, Army National Guard, 2018

Sergeant Terry Jordan, USMC, Korea, 2015

Lieutenant H. Grady Jordan, US Navy, World War II, 2015

Second Lieutenant Jeffrey J. Kaylor, 1st Battalion, 39th Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division, 2003 KIA Iraq

Brigadier General Edwin Charles Keiser, US Army, 2022

Lieutenant Colonel Dale Keller, US Army, Vietnam, 2019

Earl J. Kilmurray, US Army, World War II, 2009

Colonel Stephen J. Kempf, Vietnam, 2021

Lieutenant Colonel Dale Keller, US Army, Vietnam, 2019

Earl J. Kilmurray, US Army, World War II, 2009

Lieutenant Thomas P.B. King, US Army, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel Richard Kline, Vietnam, 2016

Stan Kordek, World War II

Major General Nicholas Krawciw, Vietnam, 2021

PFC Andy Krippner, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, 2011 KIA in Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant John F. Kusior, US Army Air Corps, Pacific Theater, World War II, 2013

Doctor Emory Ladanyi, US Army, World War II, Sicily/Italy campaign, 1988

Helon LaGree, US Army Mother, 2015

Mrs. Anne Lawrence, US Army Spouse, 2017

Anne Kimbrough “Kim” Leach, US Army Spouse, 2018

Paul W. Leslie, Jr., 2015

LTG James Michael Link, Vietnam, Desert Sheld/Desert Storm, 2023

LTG (USA, Ret) Donald M. Lionetti, Vietnam, 2019

First Lieutenant Scott Love, 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry, First Armored Division, 2006 KIA in Iraq

Lieutenant General Robert J. Lunn, Served in 1950-1983, 2012

Special Fourth Class Robert Mabry, 2022

Colonel Thomas Brock Maertens, Korea and Vietnam, 2006

John Max Marcus, US Army Father, 2011

Chaplain (Colonel) Robert Freeman Mashburn, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam, 2014

Major General J. Hollis V. McCrea, Jr., US Army, Vietnam, 2020

Lieutenant Carl B. McGee, US Army, 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry, Americal Division, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Major James T. McGowen, US Air Force, 2006

Colonel Jim McHone, 2015

Lynn Ann McIntosh, Army Mother, 2021

Major Lynn McNamera, US Army & Spouse, 2008

Archie M. Means, US Army Air Corps, World War II, 2016

Gerald Bruce Mirra, 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Corbitt Russell Moore, World War II, 2007

Lieutenant Harold E. Moore, US Army, Korean War Era, 2020

Lieutenant Arthur S. Nabben, US Army, E Troop, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Margaret R. Norris, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2012

Major John Norris, World War II and Korea, 2015

Captain Edwin G. Northrop, US Army, 79th Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, 1972 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel Donald E. Nowland, US Army, Vietnam, 2017

Lieutenant Terrence P. O’Boyle, US Army, 17th Cavalry, 173d Infantry Brigade, 1970 KIA in Vietnam

Major General John Oblinger, Vietnam, 2016

Captain Jennifer Schaffer Odom, 204th Military Intelligence Battalion, 1999

Command Sergeant Major Joe Offutt, Korea, 2016

First Sergeant Beecher Olive, US Army, World War II, China-Burma-India Theater, 2011

Captain Frank G. Oliver, US Army, 60th Aviation Company, 1st Aviation Brigade, 1972, KIA in Vietnam

Captain Vernon M. Olson, Vietnam,  2023

Colonel John E. Oristian, US Army (Retired), Vietnam and Germany, 2009

General Glenn K. Otis, Vietnam, 2013

Pauline G. Ouelette, US Army Wife & Mother, 2020

Chief Warrant Officer Four John Page, 2014

Lieutenant William A. Pahissa, US Army 101st Airborne Division, 1970 KIA in Vietnam

Captain David W. Palmlund III, Vietnam, 2022

William Morris Paulk, US Army, World War II, 2023

Colonel Ronald Lee Peden, Vietnam, 2015

Chief Warrant Officer Four Coy Wayne Pennington, Vietnam, 2014

Colonel Morris W. Pettit, World War II, 2012

Colonel Robert C. Pollard, 2018

Edna Ruth Ramsey, US Army Spouse, 2007

Colonel Kurt B. Reineke, Junior, Iraq, Afghanistan, 2022

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bessemer Richmond III, 2014

Major General William H. Riley Jr., US Army, Vietnam, 2019

Brigadier General Ernst E. (Ernie) Roberts, Korean War, 2014

Sergeant First Class Hector Angel Rocafort, Korean War, 2021

Colonel Zigmund “Zig” Roebuck, Vietnam, 2017

Major General John Rossi, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Iraq, 2018

Colonel Jeffrey W. Russell, Ordnance Corps 1971-1996, 2010

Major Wilbur E. “Sandy” Sanford, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, 2014

Captain Paul C. Sawtelle, US Army, L Company, 75th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Lieutenant Colonel Henry J. Schroeder, US Army, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, Vietnam, 1991 (Died of combat wounds)

Brigadier General Anson Schulz, Vietnam, 2011

Sergeant Gerald F. Scott, Korean War, 9th Infantry, MIA, 1951

Paul Seibel, 2013

Brian Shafer, Beloved Son of Jana and Steve Shafer, 2016

General John M. Shalikashvili, Vietnam, 2011

Lieutenant Jonathan C. Shine, US Army, 2d Battalion, 6th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, 1970 KIA in Vietnam

Lieutenant General Wilson A. “Dutch” Shoffner, Vietnam, 2014

Beverly Shoffner, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2013

Lieutenant Joseph A. Silva, US Army, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, 1970 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel Keith Skidmore, Vietnam, 2018

Major Douglas E. Sloan, 1st Battalion, 32d Infantry, 10th Mountain Division, 2006 KIA in Afghanistan

Captain William H. Smith, 2015

Karma Smith, US Army Spouse, 2020

Lieutenant James L. Smith, US Army, 75th Infantry, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Chief Warrant Officer Four George Robert Snead, US Army, Vietnam, 2020

George Walker Snyder, US Army Civilian, 2012

William Daniel (Bill) Souder, 2015

David E. Spracher, World War II Veteran, 2022

Mildred “Minnie” Steele, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2019

First Lieutenant Howard Marshall Steinfeld, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel Robert Winston Stephens, US Army Air Corps and US Air Force, World War II, 1980

Lieutenant Colonel Francis R. Stevens, World War II, 1942 MIA

Brigadier General G. Stewart, US Army Air Corps and US Air Force, Korean War

Captain J.O. Stewart, Jr., US Air Force, 2016

Technical Sergeant Thomas Melvin Stroud, Sr., USAF, Vietnam, 2018

Ronald F. Stuart, Jr., US Army Son, 2015

Miriam Gay Sullivan (Mrs. Gordon R. Sullivan), US Army Spouse, 2014

Terese “Terri” Taylor, US Army Spouse & Mother, 2019

Captain Harry L. Thain, US Army, 1972 KIA in Vietnam

LT John W. Titus, US Navy, 2018

Major Leon Tomlinson, Vietnam, 2015

Captain George H. Troxell, Jr., Served 1945-1954, 2007

Colonel Shirly Ray Trumps, World War II and Vietnam, 2008

Marion C. Vonnegut, US Air Force Spouse, 2016

Shannon Waldron, US Army Daughter, 2017

Kathy T. Walthes, US Army Spouse, 2011

Captain Jason M. West, 2006

Specialist Howard F. Wiggins, 1st Battalion, 18th Artillery, Vietnam 1967, 2012

Doctor John D. Wilbanks, US Army, World War II, 2016

Captain John J. Woodrum, US Army, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, 1971 KIA in Vietnam

Colonel John Yeisley, Vietnam, 2017

Captain Kenneth J. Yonan, US Army, Military Assistance Command, 1972 MIA in Vietnam

Lieutenant Colonel Robert John Young, US Army, Korean War, 2009

Arline Zbikowskil, US Army Spouse, 2012