Help the Foundation Raise Funds

Talk to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, even to your company. If your company regularly matches charitable contributions, see if they will match your contributions to the Foundation.

Help Raise Awareness

Sponsor or participate in a local event or gathering of friends. Tell them about the Foundation and what it does. The Foundation will help you explain the scholarship program to others by providing you with information and pictures about Foundation activities.

Help Represent the Foundation in Your Community

Be one of the Foundation’s links between potential local donors and scholarship applicants and the Foundation. If you live near an Army installation or in a community with a large number of Army retirees, the work you do for the Foundation will be key to its success in that community. Opportunities to help organize fundraising events such as golf tournaments, installation or unit runs, bake sales, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, or other similar events abound in most communities. Such events can easily organized by local groups who wish to support the Foundation.


Send the Foundation an e-mail about volunteering

Corporate Scholarship Sponsors