The Elbit Systems of America Honorary Scholarships

Elbit Systems of America

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, in conjunction with the Army Scholarship Foundation, has established two scholarships to assist family members of United States Army personnel in their pursuit of higher education.


These scholarships will be awarded annually to a deserving son or daughter of a U.S. Army soldier or to the spouse of a serving active duty enlisted soldier studying in the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields. These scholarships result from their generous donation and pledge of funding to the Army Scholarship Foundation.

Elbit Systems of America is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. and is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. Elbit Systems of America delivers commercial aviation, defense, homeland security, and medical instrumentation products for the North American market. Elbit Systems of America is where the American spirit meets the spirit of innovation.


“Elbit Systems of America has long been a supporter of the U.S. Army and Army families. We are thrilled to assist Army family members in seeking to continue their goals of higher education,” said Raanan Horowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer.


The Army Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2001 by concerned Army veterans who desired to support families of soldiers. The foundation provides scholarships to deserving sons and daughters of U.S. Army soldiers and veterans, as well as to spouses of active duty enlisted soldiers. The foundation is sustained by the generous donations of its supporters. Tax deductible donations can be sent to the Army Scholarship Foundation, 11700 Preston Road, Suite 660-301, Dallas, TX 75230.

Corporate Scholarship Sponsors