Army Scholarship Foundation Celebrates Ten Years of Serving Army Families

The Board of Directors and Volunteers of the Army Scholarship Foundation are pleased to announce today the Foundation’s ten year anniversary in assisting Army family members in pursuing their educational dreams. The Army Scholarship Foundation was incorporated in the State of Texas as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on March 9, 2001, and today marks the 10th anniversary of that incorporation and the formal founding of the organization. Over the past ten years, the Army Scholarship Foundation has provided academic scholarships to children of soldiers and spouses of active duty enlisted soldiers. During this time, the Foundation has grown steadily in numbers of volunteers, funds raised, and scholarships awarded. This growth has been due to the generosity of the Foundation’s many supporters nation-wide, and to the spreading awareness of the vital role that the Foundation plays in assisting Army family members with their college education. We all join in celebrating this significant achievement.

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