Family Joins to Establish Alan Robert and Veronica Lenox Cotariu Memorial Scholarship

Family Joins to Establish Alan Robert and Veronica Lenox Cotariu Memorial Scholarship

Dallas: The Board of Directors of the Army Scholarship Foundation announced today that the family of Alan Robert Cotariu and Veronica Lenox Cotariu has joined with the Army Scholarship Foundation to establish the Alan Robert and Veronica Lenox Cotariu Memorial Scholarship in their honor.  This effort was led by their children, and organized by their son Steven Cotariu and daughter, Mrs. Kris Cotariu Harper. 

Alan R. Cotariu was born in Chicago in 1918 to Harry and Reba Cotariu, immigrants from Romania. When his father died in 1933, Alan falsified his age, and enlisted in the Marine Corps He was one of the historic China Marines from 1935-1936. He later enlisted in the Navy. Following flight school, he was designated a Silver Eagle Naval Aviation Pilot, the rate given to enlisted pilots, and flew in the South Pacific during WWII. After the war, he was commissioned, and was an early Navy jet test pilot. In 1950, he married Veronica Lenox, a WAVE Link Trainer Instructor. Alan retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant in 1959, and subsequently worked in the aerospace industry.  He earned an Associate Degree in Business at Foothill College in 1972.

Veronica (Ronnie) Lenox was born in Winchester, MA to Joseph and Jane Lenox. She attended school in Medford, but after the 10th grade, Ronnie, refused to continue high school, insisting she did not need further education. When the U.S. entered WWII, she went to work at GE, but later enlisted in the Navy. She attended Boot Camp at Hunter College in NY and Advanced Individual Training at the Naval Air Station in Marietta, GA.

Ronnie became a Link Trainer Instructor. This was a flight simulator, and the majority of the instructors were male. Ronnie, and a small number of other WAVES, were assigned this mission because of a shortage of qualified men. She achieved the rank of Specialist 2nd Class and in 1950, married one of her students, Navy pilot LT Alan Cotariu. She was required to leave active duty at the time of her marriage and separate completely in 1951 when her first child was born. Ronnie earned an Associate Degree at Foothill College, a BA Degree at San Jose State University, and an MA in Education at Santa Clara University.

The Cotarius raised seven children, with a great emphasis on the importance of education. All attended college; three earned advanced degrees, and three are military veterans. Ronnie retired as vice principal of Resurrection School in 1990, and currently lives in Riverside, CA.

The Army Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2001 to provide scholarships to deserving sons and daughters of US Army soldiers and Army veterans, and to spouses of enlisted active duty soldiers.  The Foundation is sustained by the generous donations of its supporters.  Tax deductible contributions can be sent to the Foundation at 11700 Preston Road, Suite 660-301, Dallas, TX 75230. Those wishing to learn more about the Foundation or to make a tax deductible donation may visit

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