KBR Establishes Honorary Scholarship to Support Army Families


The Army Scholarship Foundation announced today that KBR has established a scholarship to assist Army family members. This scholarship, to be known as the KBR Honorary Scholarship, will be awarded to the deserving son or daughter of a United States Army soldier or spouse of an active duty enlisted soldier. This scholarship will be awarded annually in perpetuity as a result of the generous donation and pledge of funding to the Army Scholarship Foundation by KBR. In presenting this award, Lieutenant General Joseph M. Cosumano, United States Army, Retired, and Senior Vice President of Operations, Maintenance and Logistics for KBR, emphasized the importance of corporate support for Army families. He said “our nation’s soldiers are defending our way of life, often under the most dangerous conditions to protect the rights and freedoms which all Americans enjoy. Through KBR’s support of this scholarship for Army family members, we are able in a small way to thank our soldiers for the many sacrifices they and their families make every day on behalf of our nation.”

KBR is headquartered in Houston, Texas. KBR is a leading global engineering, construction, and services company supporting the government services, energy, petrochemicals, and civil infrastructure sectors. The company employs over 50,000 people worldwide in locations that include Australia, Africa, the UK, Asia, and the Middle East. KBR has built a proud history and a leading market position in the government infrastructure (G&I) sector by being a low-cost, high-efficiency and absolutely reliable provider. Not only is KBR the largest contractor for the United States Army and a top-ten contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, it is currently the world’s largest defense services provider.

The Army Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2001 by concerned Army veterans who desired to continue their service to the Nation and to support and assist families of Army soldiers. The foundation provides scholarships to deserving sons and daughters of U.S. Army soldiers and Army veterans, as well as to spouses of serving active duty enlisted soldiers. The foundation is sustained by the generous donations of its supporters. Tax deductible donations can be sent to the Army Scholarship Foundation, 6412 Brandon Avenue, Suite 201, Springfield, VA, 22150. Visit www.ArmyScholarshipFoundation.org (this web site) to establish a memorial scholarship, donate, or learn more about the Army Scholarship Foundation.

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